Furloughs are designed to be a proportionate response to such conditions and a job preservation tool, where possible, in lieu of layoffs or other separations from employment, the policy says.

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Students have filed class action suits over the tuition they paid last spring to attend the Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of Georgia, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

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Start with the principles of your profession the document you will deliver to the press must be well written.

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TVS iQube Electric scooter launched at Rs 1,08 lakh.

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In addition to shifting its instruction to remote learning, the university said it would continue to greatly reduce residence hall occupancy, which it said were at 60 percent capacity.

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The plugin for WordPress WooCommerce in addition to integrating E-goi with the main CMS in the market, is a great tool to have in your site store, allowing you to use features such as.

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